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Caught In The Act! Pallywood Undone By Behind The Scenes Footage

Where I use footage taken by an anti-Israel protester to debunk the implied claims of some photos

The Ongoing Failure Of Global Journalism

Leaving out critical background information is the mark of propagandists, not credible journalists.

Shocking Revelations About AP’s Collaboration With Nazi Regime

What do they reveal about AP's collaboration with Hamas?

The Victims Of The World’s Best Teacher’s Terrorist Husband

Hanan al-Hroub may be "the world's best teacher" but her husband was a terrorist with Jewish blood on his hands

Elon Musk Of Tesla In Israel For A Secret Visit To MobileEye

BDSHoles better get used to walking, because it’s going to be hard to find a car that’s not got Israeli tech inside.

Isn’t It Time To Defund The UN Yet?

How much longer will the US Congress keep footing the bill for this disastrous organization?

Tunnels Tell Stories

While Israel invests billions in tunnels to better the lives of Israelis, Hamas invests in tunnels to destroy life.

“Happy Easter From Occupied Palestine!”

When I saw this, I jumped into action with a reverse image search

Sarah Schulman Is #JewWashing Her Antisemitism

Her delusional thinking continues

The Daily Mail Blows Up Palestinian Terror Funding

Probably one of the most significant articles about Israel in the UK press for years.

Rapper Talib Kweli Greene Goes On An Antisemitic Rampage On Twitter

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Of The Day is a famous rapper with 1 million followers.

Newsweek Needs To Learn: Follow The Money

The warped world of reporting on Israel


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