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Belgian Waffle: Jew-Hating “Journalist” Dimitri Verhulst Shows His Ugliness

Belgian "journalist" Dimitri Verhulst must be a Russian bot, created to show how anti-Zionists are invariably antisemites. How else do you explain this?

UNESCO’s Latest Chutzpah

What a cheek

9-11 Texts Supplied to 6th Graders Even Worse: Taught Israel Has ‘Shady History’

Follow-up to my post about the texts taught to 5th graders of Louis E. Stocklmeir Elementary School in Sunnyvale, California

Palestinians Caught Lying About Iconic Photo

Where Quds News Network invents their own narrative regarding an iconic Life Magazine photo from 1948

Vox Staffer Claims “Nazis Had A Lot Of Good Ideas” (UPDATED)

From the people who turned dumbing down the internet into an art form

Zionist Pugs Cartoon: Accessory to Murder

Glamorizing terror

Busted! Palestinian “Medic” Killed Was a Hamas Terrorist

Another Hamas terrorist exposed

Gaza Summer Camps: Besides Everything Else, Extreme Child Abuse

Do you really care about Gaza's children?

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Marty Mullen (British Columbia) Wants to Murder Jews

Meet the antisemite threatening to murder Jews

Roger Waters Alleged to Have Had Stake in Shakedown of Oil Company

As this recent report about a scam against Chevron seems to suggest, Waters has his own greed issues


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