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War Coming: Nothing The Peace-At-Any-Costers Can Do About It

We do not have a choice over whether to fight.

Join B’nai Brith Canada in Our Fight Against Hatred

Your involvement is greatly needed and appreciated

Telling The Story

Ryan thinks Israel advocacy needs to change

Ryan – 2 Steven – 0

Ryan rips Steven Salaita for his latest drivel

Stranger In A Strange Land

Yo! Ryan Bellerose is in the house.

Why I Think I’m Going To Rock As B’nai Brith Advocacy Coordinator for Western...

Ryan explains why he thinks he is a good fit for the position created for him.

Letter To The Calgary Herald

I wrote a letter to the Calgary Herald taking them to task for their biased reporting

It’s Not An Argument

Where Ryan rips apart an "argument" against the Jews being indigenous to the land of Israel

The Proud Tradition Of Antizionism

They don’t don’t hate Jews, they just hate everything that makes Jews, Jews.

“Genocide”? Sure, Why Not

I know I really shouldn't waste time reading 972 mag, but it was funny to see one of the dhimmis try to say something right for a change

A History Lesson

What happens when we allow incitement and demonization

The Tallest Tree

“If you are going to be the tallest tree, you have to be so tall that they are afraid to try to cut you down"

Dispossessed Of The Facts

The guy from Paddle takes on the asshats


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