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Join B’nai Brith Canada in Our Fight Against Hatred

Your involvement is greatly needed and appreciated

Dear Israel, You Are Terrible at Hasbara

Dear Israel, I think its time we had a talk.

A Message To My Jewish Friends

Ryan with an important message

On Canada, Israel And Indigenous Peoples

Perhaps you can be more conscious of the fact that referring to Palestinians as “indigenous” lends a hand to their systematic campaign to rewrite Jewish history.

Academic Freedom vs Hate Speech

Freedom of speech was never meant to mean free to spout hate or bigotry

Pure Hypocrisy

The Left claims to be about inclusiveness, freedom and open-mindedness.

Ryan’s Simple Checklist For Colonizers And Imperialists

Colonialism needs to be talked about honestly and openly.

Why It’s So Easy To Hate Jews

Some sage advice

Why I Think I’m Going To Rock As B’nai Brith Advocacy Coordinator for Western...

Ryan explains why he thinks he is a good fit for the position created for him.

The Truth About Haters

Ryan is fuming

Trouble On The Horizon? It’s Right Here.

If we don't smarten up, if we don't start listening and paying attention, we are not just going to lose this fight, we will lose everything.

Telling The Story

Ryan thinks Israel advocacy needs to change


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