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New York Times Exclusive: An Op-Ed by Singer-Songwriter Charles Manson

Not far from what actually was published

Obama Wins 2nd Nobel Prize for Creating the Israeli-Saudi Alliance

The electrified crowd burst into applause when Mr. Obama strode into the room to accept his prize. "Please excuse my lateness, I was leading from behind...Then again, we are the one we've been waiting for."

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: It Really Was Random Folk Deli Terrorism

Video proof: the Organization Against Smoked Meats (OrgASM) releases a statement! #JeSuisBunchOfFolksInADeli

Darth Viper AKA Soleimani Evaporates in Baghdad

Daniel with some more biting satire

This Hanukkah, I’m Gonna Gaslight You for 8 Days! By Linda Sarsour

Some Hanukkah satire from the Daily Freier

Michael Chabon Revisits the Story of Abraham

Satire alert
Linda Sarsour Israellycool Ayaan Hirsi Ali Daily Freier

Screenshotting My Old Tweets is Racist, by Linda Sarsour

A "guest post" by Linda Sarsour

Richard Gets Aroused

Israel hater Richard Silverstein gets all tongue tied and a bit too excited while being interviewed by a flirty reporter from Iran's Press TV.

Cutting Costs, The Forward Now Just Links Straight to Linda Sarsour’s Twitter Feed

It just made sense to cut out the middleman and bring Linda's woke tweets directly to the Forward's woke audience

Peter Beinart Criticizes Israel For Its Lack of Interest in Peter Beinart (Satire)

The Daily Freier asks people on the streets how they feel about Peter Beinart's criticism of Israel


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