Zionist Shark

Engineered By The Israel Lobby: Evil Zionist Shoes

The Evil Zionist Lobby is buying and paying its way to global footwear domination.

Occam’s Reza: A Fisking We Will Go

Reza Aslan spews Fisk-worthy nonsense on NPR.

Follow Me! Part Deux

90 recruits from the IDF paratroopers marched through Jerusalem’s Old City, waving flags and singing.

Sheleg! Sheleg! Jerusalem In The Snow, 1921

Stunning photos of Jerusalem after a 1921 blizzard...PLUS...How another Israeli blizzard screwed me out of a 3-day weekend.

Follow Me!

The person behind the legend comes to the big screen, at the World Premiere of "Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu Story".

Resolved: Israelis Are Wicked Awesome Debaters

Israeli brothers Omer & Sela Navo from Tel-Aviv University won the World Universities Debating Championships

Denis MacEoin Does It Again

"A Letter To The Archbishop Of Westminster": Dr. Denis MacEoin's excellent response to Archbishop Nichols's Christmas Sermon

Richard Silverstein, Who Are You?

When Richard Silverstein ‘outed’ David Loeb, he failed as a journalist. When he outed David Lange, he failed as a human being.

Tarnished Halo

NGO Monitor's year-end list of 'Human Rights' gone wrong.

Speaking Truth To [The Ivory] Tower

The Maccabee-esque story of Israeli postgraduate student Smadar Bakovic, who spoke truth to anti-Israel power.

Engineered By The Israel Lobby: Evil Zionist Crop Circles

The Israel Lobby merely 'engineers' its Dark Mark onto innocent fields, instead of buying & paying for them.

Rock of Ages: My First Day As A Lone Soldier In The IDF

My first day as a Lone Soldier in the IDF was during Chanukah, 1991.

Bought And Paid For By The Israel Lobby

Today's item, bought and paid for the Israel Lobby: The Evil Zionist streetlights at Irvine, California's Spectrum Center.


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