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We have a new advertiser here at Israellycool. Fiber PC.

Lenovo T430U from FiberFiber P.C. (and it’s parent NetIP Storenet) has been a computer importer and supplier to the trade computer business in Israel for over 4 years. While they mostly supply to dealers and very large customers in Israel, they can supply private individuals. They are offering special deals for Israellycool readers.

They import and distribute brand new laptops and desktops and are also large suppliers of refurbished desktops. They sell to many large, prestigious clients such as the Clalit and the Universtiy of Tel Aviv. They can also custom import special products that are not always on sale in Israel. If you have specific requirements, ask them.

Fiber P.C. backs up everything it sells with professional service and warranties. They can customise anything they sell with RAM upgrades, switching hard drives including to SSDs and many other options.

The best way to contact them is via the phone number 1-700-70-60-80  (they’ll speak English if needed) or by email to [email protected]. Please mention Israellycool for special deals and so Israellycool can benefit. Be aware that the best deals often don’t make it to the website.

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