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Blair Witch In-Law

I am sure you are already aware of the fact that Tony Blair's sister-in-law Lauren Booth is stuck in Gaza. She has certainly raised...

Conspiracy Crazy Commons

"The Iranian President said that certain intelligence agencies put blades in the hands of madmen” and one UK MP thinks he may have a point.

Egyptian Cleric Blasts “Hamas-Led Conspiracy Against Palestinian People”

Islamic religious leaders join in condemnation of Hamas

Senior Hamashole Admits Gaza “Free Of Occupation”

Quick! Send a flotilla!

Anti-Israel Artists And Celebrities

I've already published a Pro-Israel Celebrities post, so I think now's the time to post one on those who are anti-Israel

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Tony Blair Tzipi Livni

The Day In Israel: Wednesday Aug 25th, 2010

Frank Johansson, Chairman of the Finnish Amnesty International, who called Israel a "scum state" (or, to be more exact, "nilkkimaa") has backed down now that his comments have been exposed beyond his narrow Finnish readership. Just kidding.
tali fahima islam

The Day In Israel: Tuesday June 8th, 2010

The IDF yesterday announced it will conduct its own internal investigation into the guerilla flotilla raid, with IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi appointing Maj. Gen. (res. ) Giora Eiland to head the probe charged with analyzing the failures of, and learning lessons from, it.

The Day In Israel: Memorial Day Edition

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the Memorial Day ceremony on Jerusalem's Ammunition Hill: "Twice we have paid a heavy price in order to release...

The Day In Israel: Thursday Jan 7th, 2010

In a number of tests overseen by the Defense Ministry, the IAF and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Israel's Iron Dome this week successfully intercepted...

The Day In Israel: Mon Aug 10th, 2009

Click refresh to see new updates during the day Israel did eventually respond to yesterday's Qassam and mortar attacks early this morning. We bombed a smuggling...


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