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Electronic Intifada’s Rania Khalek Libels Mordechai Kedar

And she may have gotten away with it too, had it not been for this meddling Yid

Electronic Intifada, The Onion Called And It Wants Its Story Back

Warning: do not read while drinking a hot drink

Reader Post: JVP Rabbinic Council Should Have Ordinations Revoked

Individuals who work with enemies of the Jewish people to destroy the Jewish state should not be permitted to cloak themselves with the title of Rabbi

Jason Isaacs Gives BDSHoles The Middle Finger

And the Abumination is not impressed

Scarlett Johansson Promoting Company Providing Jobs & Coexistence

With Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson coming under fire from BDSHoles and other assorted scum and villainy, it can't hurt to post this video from last year

Haaretz’s Selective Outrage (Updated)

I wonder when someone at Ha'aretz will realize they have a very serious problem on their hands.

Mahmoud Abbas States He Opposes BDS Of Israel

And the BDSHoles are livid!

Pallywood Again?

I strongly suspect this video is the latest example of the phenomenon that has come to be known as Pallywood
meshal haniyeh

Defending Khaled Meshal

Guess who bends over backwards to paint the arch terrorist in a reasonable light, while demonizing Israel?

Hamas Appoints 12-Year-Old In Charge Of Its Social Media Effort

Well, at least it seems like it

Better Occupation Profiteer War Crimes

You've got to have a pretty warped view of the world to think making it a Better Place is a bad thing for anybody


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