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IfNotNow, When is the Right Time to Be an Epic Dumbass?

Anti-Israel group IfNotNow have tweeted the following, without the slightest hint of irony or self-awareness

IfNotNow, When is the Right Time to Humiliate Yourselves?

Anti-Israel organization If Not Now decided in their infinite wisdom to take on pro-Israel organization Stand With Us, asking on Twitter for people to pick sides.

Israel-Haters IfNotNow Open UK Branch

IfNotNow has a just-as-ugly British cousin

IfNotNow Co-Founder Max Berger is a Ham

What we see here is yet another libel by someone who's goal in life seems to be to demonize Israel - something that really can only be accomplished through lying

What the Heck Are JStreet and IfNotNow Thinking?

Ever wanted to get inside the head of a JStreeter? Now you can!

Roger Waters Claims He Has Never Said Anything Antisemitic…Three Months After Apologizing For Saying...

From the Palestine Deep Dive interview with Roger Waters, which I posted about yesterday

Leftists Denounce Peace Deal Between Israel and the UAE

You'd think those on the Left would welcome a peace treaty, right?

Birthright Africa Program for Black Youth Modeled on Birthright Israel

Some in the Black community have been inspired by Birthright, even to the point of replicating it for their people

American Jews: Come Close, We Need to Talk

The toughest thing about being an American Jew right now is other American Jews.

Why Rashida Tlaib’s Chanukah Message Was Particularly Ridiculous

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has wished the "good" Jews (i.e. those who support her wish for the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel) a happy Chanukah

A Palestinian Reworking of Genesis 49

Jacob blesses his palestinian sons and bequeaths them the land

Code Pinker Ariel Gold Tweets Out Jewish Mourner’s Prayer For Dead Terrorist

Code Pinker Ariel Gold today tweeted out Kaddish, the Jewish mourner's prayer, for all the Gazans killed today, including arch terrorist Bahaa Abu al-Atta

How the Zioness Movement Lost Its Way – Part 2

Part two of my series on worrying things I have noticed with the Zioness movement

WATCH: Exposé of American Muslims for Palestine: Antisemitism and Terror Support

This video adds to things you may already have known about AMP from Israellycool, including how they are now partnering with US Jewish groups like Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow


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