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Ali Abunimah’s Timeline Of Terror Support

The Electronic Intifada founder is a huge fan of terrorism against Israel

Ali Abunimah Doubles Down Defending Hamas

Abumination again defends Hamas terrorists

Ali Abunimah Suffers New Setback For Australian Tour; More Whining Ensues

Sydney University have apparently cancelled the venue booking for his speech

Ali Abunimah Boasts Of Receiving Visa To Australia

A highly disappointing decision

Ali Abunimah Whines About Aussie Visa Troubles, But Seems To Fail Character Requirements

Abumination should be denied a visa to enter Australia to spread his propaganda and I explain why

Chris Gunness Silent On Hamas Gay Murder; Ali Abunimah Inquisitive

Silence is not always golden. But Ali's tweets are gold!

Ali Abunimah’s Twisted Mind

Twisted logic from a twisted mind

Ali Abunimah #Fail At University of Michigan

Michigan students saw through Abunimah's hatred and lies

Max Blumenthal And Ali Abunimah #HeartHamas

Turds of a feather get in on the #AskHamas action, but in a supportive way

Ali Abunimah Attacks Sarah Tuttle Singer Of The Times Of Israel

The words this man will twist to make his (immoral) point


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