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Hamasholes’ Xenophobic Freak-Out Of The Day: Movember Edition

Hamasholes freak out over foreign tourists visiting the Temple Mount

The Hamashole With The Wrong Soles

That awkward moment you realize you packed the wrong shoes for your terrorist demonstration

Hamashole Mohammed Al Bahloul Becomes A Ghoul

A work accident claims the life of a date-loving terrorist

Hamasholes Told To Man Up

You can't make this stuff up

6 Israelis Killed, Hamasholes Glee

Then it turns out they were Arabs

The Hamashole Who Liked…

Meet Hamas "martyr" Abdul Rahman Abu Jalala, who looks like he'd be hoping for 72 virgin males

Senior Hamashole Admits Gaza “Free Of Occupation”

Quick! Send a flotilla!
kamal ranaja

Hamashole Compliments Mossad

Apparently, some in Hamas know that Israel is not cruel
flying pig

Hamashole To Israel: “You Guys Value Human Life”

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a flying pig
Fathi Hamad

Hamashole To Israel: “Thanks!”

A chief Hamashole has admitted that Israel's withdrawal from Gaza helped his organization conceal Gilad Shalit for so long

Those Lying Hamasholes

Hamas is stepping up the psychological warfare, claiming captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit is observing Ramadan

Hamashole Defends IDF

You can't make stuff like this up.


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