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Guest Post (Kay Wilson): What Is It Like To Be Stabbed 13 Times?

“on the bright side, at least it wasn’t 14 times”

Guest Post (Kay Wilson): No Genocide Here

Kay Wilson is looking for signs of genocide in Bethlehem. She can’t find any.

WATCH: Kay Wilson Tells TED What It’s Like To Be Stabbed

You need to watch all of this.

Guest Post (Kay Wilson): Going to McDonalds Doesn’t Turn Me Into a Hamburger

Terror victim and passionate Israel advocate Kay Wilson has something to get off her chest

Guest Post (Kay Wilson): The Jew And The Arab Working Together Against Incitement

"Yip, it was me, me, a terror victim, stabbed 13 times by Palestinians, who hid this Arab teenager in my house for nearly a month while Arabs were threatening his life."

Guest Post (Kay Wilson): Some Thoughts On The Sydney Siege

I did not read that it was a "seeming" or "apparent," attack.

Kay Wilson Says No To Jihad Of St James

The writing on the wall by Kay Wilson: "St James - No to Jihad. Justice for Christians Israel + All people"

Promising Development in UK Terror Financing Case

Some positive news from the UK, thanks to the hard work of our own Kay Wilson

Dear Hypocritical World #NeverForget #InternationalHolocaustDay

Kay Wilson has a message for parts of the world on #InternationalHolocaustDay

Britain Suspends Aid For Palestinian Authority To Stop Funding Terrorists

Israellycool’s Kay Wilson has probably changed the course of UK Politics.

The UK Parliament Will Debate Foreign Aid Paying Palestinian Terrorists

A personal story about Kay Wilson and the two monsters who attacked her and killed Kristine Luken cannot be ignored

Reader Post: The Same Radical Ideology

Terror attack survivor Kay Wilson reacts to today's terror attack

Facebook’s WTF Reason For Rejecting Zionist Award Ceremony Ad

A group called the Atlanta Israel Coalition (AIC) is holding their inaugural AIC Impact Award ceremony over Zoom on January 31st. This award will...

New York Times’ Syndication Of Evil

Why is this cartoon available for syndication? Who are the editors at the syndication list who believe their customers may want to run this cartoon?
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