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Is Lauren Booth A Home-Wrecker?

The wife of the man reported to be her new husband claims so

Lauren Booth Finds New Hubby

Anti-semitic convert-to-Islam Lauren Booth has reportedly gotten married again

Latest Version Of Lauren Booth’s Conversion Story

Antisemite Lauren Booth has once again told her conversion-to-Islam story. And again, it differs from previous versions

Lauren Booth Endorses Boston Bombing Trooferism

On her Facebook page, antisemitic convert to Islam Lauren Booth endorses a blog post claiming the Boston bombing was staged

Lauren Booth’s (Con)Version

It seems every time antisemite Lauren Booth tells the story of how she came to convert to Islam, she changes it. Here's the latest version.

Lauren Booth’s Daughter Banned From Swimming In Hotel

And not in Israel either
Lauren Booth hamas

Hold The Front Page! Lauren Booth Is Back.

Lauren Booth knows THE TRUTH! It was the Joooooos!

Lauren Booth Continues To Make Like Cyndi Lauper And Show Her True Colors

Antisemite Lauren Booth continues to reveal her true antisemitic colors on Facebook

Lauren Booth Throws Her Weight Behind Greta Berlin

From one antisemite to another

Lauren Booth Shares Article Mocking Iran And Islam

Booth shares what she thinks is an article disparaging Judaism, but is in fact mocking Islam and Iran

Lauren Booth Still Spreading Lies About Anti-Islam Film

"Journalist" Lauren Booth is spreading the whole "Sam Bacile and Jewish donors are behind the anti-Islam film" thing

Lauren Booth Publicly Supporting Terrorists

In case it wasn't already obvious to you that this antisemite supported terrorists, here she is showing her displeasure at Hizbullah's banning from Facebook

Lauren Booth Spouting More Hate Against Israel And The US

These guys did a great job getting Booth to tell them how she really feels. And it ain't pretty.
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