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Reasons To Support A Palestinian State: Contribution To Children’s Entertainment

In this series, we present arguments FOR a palestinian state

Placard Boy Mum Thinks We Have Lost Our Heads

The mother of the child holding a disturbing placard thinks we are morons
palestinian parade

Kissing Cousins

Looks like deceased Hamas icons Farfur the Mouse and Nahoul the Bee may have been more than just good cousins
anthony michael hall

The Day In Israel: Monday May 3rd, 2010

Israel and the PA are set to begin to so-called indirect peace talks this week. First step: agree on which topic with which to start! Prime...

Israel Strikes Back

See new post for latest updates. I have logged on to my computer after the Jewish Sabbath and discovered that the Israeli government has finally...

Find a Gazan Pen Pal

The Free Gaza tools announce their new "postal service to Gaza," which includes their "Letters from the World Program." LETTERS FROM THE WORLD PROGRAM If you...

The Latest in Palestinian Kid’s Entertainment

Ma'an News reports: New clown and puppet show gives relief to Gazan children No, it's not another Olmert-Abbas meeting. Clowns and puppets are the instruments of the...

Up To Their Old Tricks

Egyptian security forces have made an explosive discovery. Literally. Egyptian security forces on Monday uncovered an explosives cache containing 100 kilograms (220.5 pounds) of TNT hidden...

Different Ways to Skin a Rabbit

With last week's news that Hamas kiddie favorite Nahoul the Bee had met his maker, following in the footsteps of Farfur the Mouse, the...

Assud, The Jew-Eating Rabbit

Last week, Israellycool contributor Brian of London brought you the tragic news that palestinian TV star Nahoul the Bee was dying. Now it seems his...

The Sons of Monkeys and Lions

We already know that many palestinians who flooded Egypt did not merely bring back basic necessities. There were also those who brought back weapons,...

Unleash the Beast

Introducing our latest weapon: The Lionist.TM (Hat tip: Elder of Ziyon). Israeli soldiers told the villagers of Al Fourdess village, located to the east...

Israeli News Briefs – October 24th, 2007

Updated throughout the day Following the escalation in the number of Qassams being fired at Israel in recent days, Defense Minister Ehud Barak...

Today’s Example of Mainstream Media Bias

Israeli forces kill 2 children in Gaza, screams out today's AP headline. You have to go down a few paragraphs to get a better perspective...


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