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Forward Thinking: Ayala Shapiro? Had It Coming To Her

According to The Forward and Reuters, Ayala Shapiro deserved what happened to her. Damned settlers.

The Way Forward to Peace?

Israeli Minister of Tourism and leader of the Moledet party Benny Elon has his own plan for achieving peace. Entitled "The Right Road To...

NY Hospital Trying to Fire Antisemitic Doctor Walid Khass

A yearlong battle between a doctor and a New York hospital trying to fire him over antisemitic and anti-gay posts will be back in court next week.

Tablet Magazine’s Latest Disgrace

Tablet Magazine has published a piece by palestinian Arab intellectual Sari Nusseibeh which basically argues that Israel as a Jewish state is going to destroy itself, thanks to its designs to be an empire

Snoop Dogg Defends Jew-Hater Louis Farrakhan

And here I was thinking all that pot smoking made him chill.

Jeremy Corbyn Endorses Antisemtic Book…But Only The Non Jew-Hating Parts

One of Jeremy Corbyn's antisemitic deeds coming to light? Must be a day ending in 'y'

Rep. Ilhan Omar Doubles Down On Her Antisemitism

Rep. Ilhan Omar, recently appointed to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, continues to have a really hard time keeping the Jew hatred inside (inside herself, not the House Foreign Affairs Committee).

‘Rise Up Ocean County’: Rise of An Antisemitic Group Targeting Lakewood Jews

A group called Rise Up Ocean County has launched a campaign to "restrict development and preserve their quality of life" in Ocean Country, New Jersey. See if you notice a theme

This Hanukkah, I’m Gonna Gaslight You for 8 Days! By Linda Sarsour

Some Hanukkah satire from the Daily Freier

The Beauty and the Beast of an El Al Nightmare

Paula writes that there was no physical violence aboard that plane; the lies came from those attempting to excuse El Al's actions

Will the Real Julia Salazar Please Stand Up?

Salazar seems to have a real aversion to the truth.

Why Ariel Gold Stinks At BDS

Ariel Gold, you stink at BDS!

What Will Democrat Jews Do If Bernie Sanders Is Their Future?

“Bernie Sanders, who now stands a better chance of becoming president than any Jew in American history”


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