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Senior Hamas Terrorist Fathi Hammad Calls for the Worldwide Slaughter of Jews

"You have Jews everywhere and we must attack every Jew on the globe by way of slaughter and killing, if God permits. Enough of the warming up”

US Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren Has Got a Problem. He’s Called Max Berger

Recently, Max Berger, one of the founders of Israel-hating organization IfNotNow, announced on Twitter he had joined US Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren's team

Haters Go Ballistic Over VICE Story About Israeli Restaurant

Where the haters are so consumed by hatred, that even stories about Israeli restaurants trigger unhinged reactions

The Curious Case of Anti-Israel Cartoonist Eli Valley

Meet the anti-Israel cartoonist who seems to be working against his employer

The Most Epic Israel-Hater Dumbassery of 2018

The most hilarious dumbass moments of 2018 from the Israel-haters and antisemites

JVP Once Again Prove They Are as Jewish as a Ham Sandwich

Anti-Israel group Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) have once again co-opted a Jewish holiday - this time Hanukkah - to pursue their decidedly not-Jewish agenda of bashing Israel, the Jewish state and indigenous home of the Jewish people.

Hamashole Abdel Rahim Abbas Goes Out With A Bang

Another one bites the dust

The Real Reason They Walked Off: I Know Because I Was One of Them

Some may blame the watering down of Judaism to the point where it becomes all about Tikkun Olam, but I think it’s far simpler than that.

ROI Fellow David Schwartz “Jokes” About Breaking into Chelsea Clinton’s Bank Account

I am guessing the Schusterman Foundation might not be so pleased to discover he is an ROI fellow, and would certainly be very careful about funding him.

Anti-Israel Birthright Brats Beg For Money After Getting Kicked off Program

They have done exactly what you would expect entitled brats to do

Another Israel Hater Eligible For Funding From Zionist Foundation: David Schwartz

Another hater who seems to be gaming the system so he can get funding from a pro-Israel foundation, yet work against Israel

Linda Sarsour, Are You Willing to Denigrate Islam to Advance Your Political Agenda, Like...

Here's my question for Sarsour: as a frum Muslim, are you willing to take a festival or practice in Islam and twist it in to an unrecognizable form, to advance a purely political agenda?

Hatred of Israel Is In (Teen) Vogue Yet Again

By continuing to give airtime to these Israel haters - and not any Zionists - Teen Vogue has made their agenda very clear

When Jewish Values Mean Something

We have to stand together now and draw strength from one another, because if we do so, then there is no force on earth that can ever break us apart.


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