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Ali Abunimah’s Creepy Cat Obsession

The Electronic Intifeline?

Ali Abunimah Picks On Husband Of New York Times Reporter

Another example of Abunimah's dishonesty

Gilad Atzmon: Ali Abunimah Asked Me To Lie

More popcorn please!

Electronic Intifada’s Ali Abunimah Attacks Israellycool

And as usual, his post is full of lies

Photo of the Day: Awkward Ali And “Some of His Best Friends” Who Are...

This photo of Israel hater and propagandist Ali "Abumination" Abunimah with two Neturei Karta nuts is from November last year, but was just brought to my attention

Foundation Behind Antisemitic Site Funds Major Anti-Israel Sites & Personalities

What most have missed from the Valerie Plame Wilson antisemitism story

WATCH: British Journalist Paul Martin Relives Hamas Captivity

In 2010, British journalist Paul Martin was detained by Hamas for 26 days.

Al Abunimah’s Latest Own Goal

The Abunimation screws up

No Blow Too Low For Abunimah

"If Palestinian children murdered by his “IDF” buddies were dogs, American land thief Avi Mayer might shed a tear"

Bret Stephens Rips Anti-Israel Journalist

Bret Stephens rips Lisa Goldman a new one for lying and sloppy journalism


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