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Scenes From “Concentration Camp” Gaza’s New Mall

Just like Auschwitz.

New Mall To Soon Open In “Concentration Camp” Gaza

Another luxury mall coming soon

More Scenes From “Concentration Camp” Gaza…Brought To Us By A Hater

Thanks for the photos, Farah. You saved me time having to look!

Photo Of The Day: Starving In “Concentration Camp” Gaza

No doubt about it - he's hungry

A Taste of “Concentration Camp” Gaza: Blue Beach Resort

Introducing Gaza’s Blue Beach Resort

WATCH: “Concentration Camp” Gaza

Highlighting the BS of those who claim Gaza is a "concentration camp" or "open-air prison"

A Taste Of “Concentration Camp” Gaza: Technogym

More photos that show life in Gaza is not quite as the Israel hater's portray it

Birdseye View Of “Concentration Camp” Gaza

See the densely packed crowds! The suffering! The madness!

“Concentration Camp” Gaza Now Manufacturing Its Own Cars

Welcome to Gaza, the world's only "concentration camp" which manufactures its own cars

Photo Gold From “Concentration Camp” Gaza

The lack of food has clearly caused Gazans to hallucinate

“Concentration Camp” Gaza Has Too Many Cars

The supply is too high, and so is the terrorist insurance rate.


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