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It’s Jihad Jim, But Not As We Know It

And with a technical definition, the BBC doesn’t have to record Israelis killed by Arab terrorists.

Aussie Journalist Mike Carlton No Antisemite, Just Hates “Jewish Bigots”

From the Digging A Bigger Hole Department

Extreme Violence From Qalandiya Refugee Camp

The PA has canceled peace talks scheduled for today following the killing of three palestinians in the Qalandiya refugee camp

Antony Loewenstein Does Not Like Being Labelled A Jew

It's ok, Antony, because we don't like you being labelled a Jew either

Loewenstein Antics

For those who don't know, Antony Loewenstein is a vehemently anti-Israel dingbat, who thinks he is "too cool for school Jew." As the next post shows, he's also a reprehensible cretin

Happy Little Jebusites

In the wake of Newt Gingrich's comments about the invented peopleness of the so-called palestinians, they are predictably seething
haniyeh baby

Family Matters: Ismail Haniyeh’s Nephew Serves In The IDF

In an op-ed appearing in Ynet, Yoram Ettinger deals with the phenomena that Arabs prefer being Israeli citizens than palestinian ones. While I have dealt with this in the past, what I found most interesting about the op-ed was an almost obscured fact
palestinian clouseau

The Day In Israel: Sunday Aug 1st, 2010

IAF jets have struck two smuggling tunnels in southern Gaza in response to a Qassam which hit the roof of a building in an educational institution located in the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council, outside of Sderot.
obama cowboy

The Day In Israel: Wednesday April 7th, 2010

On the same day that the guy who spied on him received a prison term, it was announced that IDF Chief of General Staff...

Israel Strikes Back

See new post for latest updates. I have logged on to my computer after the Jewish Sabbath and discovered that the Israeli government has finally...

Palestinian Crime Can Be a Real Drag

Meet the palestinian version of Mrs Doubtfire. Mrs No-Doubt-He'll-Fire. Prosecutor: Tulkarem burglar 'impersonated a woman' A burglar who impersonated a woman in a village near the West...

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Antony Loewenstein

A few days ago, the group Independent Australian Jewish Voices was launched. Founded by anti-Israel, Jewish "freelance journalist" Antony Loewenstein, the group was inspired...

No Book For You

You know what they say.....when you make a deal with the devil, the devil might just start banning your books.The Hamas-run Education Ministry has...


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