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Know Your History: Nazi-Arab Collaboration In Palestine, 1930s

Some little known facts about Nazi-Arab collaboration in Palestine during the 1930s

UK Government Report Scathing About Corbyn’s Labour Party

Analysis: ‘Zionist’ must not be used as term of abuse, says UK Parliament report

You Might Just Be A Jew Hater If..

How to recognize the Jew haters

That’s The Jew You Use?

How to look like you’re helping while simultaneously making things worse.

The Day In Israel: Tuesday Dec 22nd, 2009

After marathon talks last night, Gilad Shalit's fate seems no clearer, with the Prime Minister's Offices stating that the negotiation "have instructed the negotiation...

The Day in Israel: Wed Feb 18th, 2009

Click refresh to see new updates during the day. Today, Israeli President Shimon Peres will begin consulting with all the parties on who should be...

Quote of the Day

"The most suitable way to commemorate the Munich Olympics is the creation of a Palestinian state next to Israel but without barriers." - London...

A London Bridge

London Jews and Muslims enjoying a good relationship? Absolutely, at least in this case: The typical view," said Ismail Amaan, "is that Muslims and Jews...

Quote of the Day

"In Israel, we were shocked to hear those statements that were made by the mayor of London, and I do not want to repeat...

Buckingham Buck’s Night

While not everyone is enthused about Prince Charle's impending nuptials to Camilla Parker Bowles, some Aussies in Alice Springs are stoked, and would love...

In Jest

England have found a new official jester. And no, it is not Ken Livingstone.Nigel Roder has beaten six rivals by public acclaim to become...

Something Stinks in London

In an interview with the Guardian, Ken Livingstone, the mayor of London, has made it clear that he would like to see Ariel Sharon...


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