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Lauren Booth Thinks Israel’s Destruction Would Be Funny

Antisemite and recent convert to Islam, Lauren Booth, makes light of the idea of Israel's destruction.

Lauren Booth Is Still A Big Fat Liar

Anti-semite Lauren Booth seems to have serious issues with telling the truth - she hates it almost as much as she hates Jews and Israel

The Dignity Of Lauren Booth

Antisemite Lauren Booth once again yabbers on about her conversion to Islam

Lauren Booth Attacks Palestine Solidarity Campaign For Dissociating Itself From Antisemitism

Antisemite Lauren Booth continues to show her true colors

Lauren Booth May Face Criminal Investigation

Antisemite and apparent occasional Israellycool reader, Lauren Booth, may be in a whole heap of trouble

Lauren Booth Visits Israellycool, And Confirms She Is A Big Fat Anti-Semite

Anti-semite Lauren Booth has paid us a visit to respond to my post about her mother being Jewish. And what a f****** ray of sunshine she has proven to be

Muslim Legal Fund of America to Lauren Booth: Your Mother

Has one of Lauren Booth's claims been (inadvertently) debunked by one of her allies?

Lauren Booth Can’t Stop Lying

Israel hater Lauren Booth is the porker who can't stop telling porkers, especially when it comes to the circumstances of her conversion to Islam. Here, she offers yet another version.

Lauren Booth: Praising Murderers

Anti-Israel "activist" and antisemite Lauren Booth seemed to praise members of Hizbullah during a speech in April.
Lauren Booth hamas

Lauren Booth’s Latest Libel

Lauren Booth, the vapid Israel hater and recent convert to Islam, has explicitly accused Israel of being behind the killing of ISM tool Vittorio Arrigoni. Not to mention the killing of Jewish-Arab actor Juliano Mer Khamis.

Lauren Booth, Antisemite

Lauren Booth stands up for a known antisemite, claiming he is unjustly labelled so for criticizing Israel.

Lauren Booth: “The Greatest Christians on Earth Are The Muslims”

Anti-Israel tool Lauren Booth talks (yet again) about her conversion to Islam with Press TV.
Lauren booth veil

Lauren Booth: Taking Another Stab At Explaining Her Conversion

It's the gift that keeps on giving.
lauren booth muslim

Lauren Booth: “Now That I’m Muslim, I Will Never Have My Breasts Out in...

Vapid terror-supporter Lauren Booth has opened up further about her conversion to Islam. And as suspected, her conversion seems to have been triggered more by her love of palestinians and her "daddy" issues than anything else.


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