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Forward Writer Batya Ungar-Sargon Swallows Bitter Truth Pill After Antisemitic Protest (Defended by Linda...

It seems Batya has learned the hard way that hatred of Israel is used as a way to mask real Jew hatred

Linda Sarsour Puts Her Foot in Her (Antisemitic) Mouth

Linda Sarsour makes things worse for herself

Where ‘New Linda Sarsour’ Zahra Billoo Dehumanized Jews and a Proud Muslim-Israeli

In Billoo's worldview, Jews drink the blood of Muslims and Muslims who get on well with Israeli Jews are subhuman

Women’s March Vote off ‘New Linda Sarsour’ Replacement for Old Linda Sarsour

A newly appointed board member of the Women’s March has been voted off it just days after her new role was announced

Women’s March Severs Ties With Antisemites Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory (Updated)

This is good news for those who want to be part of the Women's March, but detest the Jew hatred of some of its founding members.

The Holocaust Victim Whose Murder Linda Sarsour et al. Would NOT Have Spoken Out...

It has become a thing that so-called "liberals" and "human rights activists" like Linda Sarsour claim to really care about Jews and claim to fight antisemitism. But do they really?

Linda Sarsour Starts to “Care” About The Jews of Brooklyn

Linda Sarsour wonders why people can be so horrible, in the wake of yet another antisemitic attack in Brooklyn.
Linda Sarsour

Sprung! Linda Sarsour Lying Again in Order to Drum Up Hatred Against Israel-Supporting Jews

In response to a tweet regarding KKK and Confederate flag-waving racists, antisemite Linda Sarsour has done her usual thing, namely connecting these White supremacists to Zionist Jews

Antisemite Linda Sarsour Falsely Implies Israel Banned Tlaib and Omar Because They Are Muslim

Linda Sarsour is yet again trying to exploit the situation to stoke the flames of hatred by claiming our decision was motivated by anti-Muslim/palestinian bigotry

If Linda Sarsour Was An AP Caption Writer

Because apparently history is just there to be rewritten

If Linda Sarsour Was An AP Caption Writer

I could not resist

Linda Sarsour’s “Jesus” Partner Edited a Book on “Deliverance” for Homosexuals

A different angle on the Sarsour's latest "Jesus was palestinian" tweet

Linda Sarsour’s Telling Reaction to New Congressional Black-Jewish Caucus

The Gaslighter-in-Chief has launched into a tweet and retweet storm following the announcement

A Tweet That Has Not Aged Well for “Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite” Linda Sarsour

Not a good look, especially for someone who claims she is not a Jew hater. 
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