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Jewish Samurais?

Totally Jewish has an illuminating article regarding a possible connection between the first Samurais and the Lost Tribes of Israel. Besides pointing out interesting similarities...

Why Don’t They Just QUIT?

I have blogged on more than one occasion about the PLO Arab treatment of homosexuals. For instance, see here and here. This seems lost on...

Happy Hannukah!

How remiss of me to forget to wish all of my readers a happy Hannukah. Or should that be Chanukah? (link via Gil) The story of...

Response to Angela Budai, Jews Against the Occupation: Part Two

Angela Budai has responded as follows to my previous email.Dave, Let's agree to disagree. I absolutely support the right of Israel to exist. ...

True Words Spoken

There are not one, but two, opinion pieces on Tuesday's suicide bombings in today's Australian, which are refreshingly accurate and honest. The following excerpts are...

My First Ever Blog Entry (I Am Just Warming Up)

Monday morning here in Israel and I must say I am in a very good mood today. Australia once again won a game of...


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