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The Most Epic Israel-Hater Dumbassery of 2018

The most hilarious dumbass moments of 2018 from the Israel-haters and antisemites

WATCH: Disturbing Attempt To Indoctrinate Ithaca 3rd Graders Into Hating Israel

3rd graders subjected to anti-Israel propaganda

3rd Grade Anti-Israel Event Led To Nightmares..And Other Shocking Findings

This tells you all you need to know about the Israel haters

Anti-Israel Nincompoops Of The Day (Updated)

You'll be tickled pink by this

Diaa Hadid Does Shirley Temper

The poster child for Palestinian child abuse is photographed by the latest lethal journalist for the New York Times

Israel Haters & Antisemites Wish Jews a Happy Festival-Celebrating-Rededication-of-Jewish-Temple-in-Jerusalem

The clueless well-wishers read as a who's-who of Israel-and-Jew-hating scum and villainy

What a Feeling! Lionel Richie Blocks Code Pink Following Boycott Calls

Lionel's response is gold of the comedy (not Ariel) variety.

A Tale of Two Bernies

Sen. Bernie Sanders seems to take us for fools

Anti-Israel Birthright Brats Raise Their Funds…And Even Have Spare Cash To Burn

It's official: there are way too many people with more dollars than sense

Code Pink Relentlessly Harassing Ziggy Marley

A few news outlets have picked up on fact that Code Pink is harassing Ziggy Marley to boycott Israel - but they have been doing so for a while and he won't have a bar of it

Top Sexy Settlers of 2017

2017’s top sexy settlers plus one surprise participant

Responding To Ray Hanania’s Myths

Ray Hanania may be a "moderate," but he's beholden to same Palestinian myths peddled by Fatah and Hamas


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