Competition Rules

  1. Bloggers are invited to submit one ”pro-Israel” entry. An entry can be a blog post, podcast, or video.
  2. The first 80 valid entries will be accepted in to the contest. An entry is deemed valid if:
    – It’s focus is on pro-Israel hasbara
    – It was submitted by the blogger himself/herself and not by some other party
    – It was posted for the first time no earlier than 1 month ago
    – The submission is posted in the comments to this post in the following format:
    Title of Blog
    Title of Post
    URL of Post
    e.g. Israellycool
    Pro-Israel Celebrities
    – The blogger has inserted the following badge in their sidebar:


Make sure the image links to:

  1. The first round will last for 16 weeks, during which time n submissions will go head-to-head in a “blog-off”each week. (e.g. If there are 80 submissions, 5 submissions will go to head-to-head each week).
  2. During each weekly blog-off, I will post links to the submissions, and readers will then have the week to vote for the best. In addition, members of our judging panel will assign to them a score out of 100. The criteria is: Originality, relevance, accuracy, likely effectiveness in influencing public opinion on Israel 
  3. The final score of each submission will be determined as follows:
    (35% weighing x % votes received) + (65% weighting x average judges’ score)
  4. The submission with the highest score will be deemed the winner of the head-to-head contest, and will proceed to the next round.
  5. After 16 weeks, 16 round one winners will have been determined, and the second round will commence.
  6. The bloggers who make it to the second round now have a week to submit a new pro-Israel entry.
  7. The second round will consist of 8 weeks, during which time 2 submissions will go head-to-head in a “blog-off”each week, with the 8 winning submissions making it through the third round/quarter finals.
  8. The bloggers who make it to the third round/quarter finals now have a week to submit a new pro-Israel entry.
  9. The process continues until we have 4 submissions facing off in the fourth round/semi finals,and then two in the finals round.
  10. The winning submission wins an Apple iPad, courtesy of Honest Reporting.

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