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Lauren Booth Continues To Make Like Cyndi Lauper And Show Her True Colors

Antisemite Lauren Booth continues to reveal her true antisemitic colors on Facebook
lauren booth muslim

When Antisemites Twist Anti-Nazi Quotes To Support Other Antisemites

Lauren Booth just can't help herself. And she really does need help.

EU Says FU To Press TV

The EU has knocked Iran's Press TV off the air

Greta Berlin’s Damage Control: More Damage Than Control

Greta Berlin just digs herself a deeper hole

Lauren Booth Attacks Palestine Solidarity Campaign For Dissociating Itself From Antisemitism

Antisemite Lauren Booth continues to show her true colors

There’s Norway We WON’T Blame This On The Jews

It's oh so predictable

In Praise of Himself

In further evidence that Ha'aretz has completely lost the plot, they have published a piece from none other than anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein. The piece...

The Gits of Britain

Here's what I found just today, by scanning blogs and the news..   First up, we have former BBC Mideast reporter Tim Llewellyn showing the world...

WATCH: Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Slips Up

Dutch anti-Zionist-not-anti-semite, you had ONE job!

Photo of the Day: Awkward Ali And “Some of His Best Friends” Who Are...

This photo of Israel hater and propagandist Ali "Abumination" Abunimah with two Neturei Karta nuts is from November last year, but was just brought to my attention

WATCH: Woman With ‘Opposing Israel is not Antisemitic’ Badge Shows Her Jew Hatred

An anti-Israel activist today allowed her inner Jew hater to surface way too easily

Ali Abunimah’s Antisemitism Shines Through (Again)

The Electronic Intifada founder lets down his guard

Ali Abunimah Whines About Aussie Visa Troubles, But Seems To Fail Character Requirements

Abumination should be denied a visa to enter Australia to spread his propaganda and I explain why


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