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Ali Abunimah’s Antisemitism Shines Through (Again)

The Electronic Intifada founder lets down his guard

Ali Abunimah Whines About Aussie Visa Troubles, But Seems To Fail Character Requirements

Abumination should be denied a visa to enter Australia to spread his propaganda and I explain why

Ali Abunimah’s Twisted Mind

Twisted logic from a twisted mind

Why I Am Pro-Palestinian

Allow me to explain

Max Blumenthal And Ali Abunimah #HeartHamas

Turds of a feather get in on the #AskHamas action, but in a supportive way

Thoughts On The “Muslim Protective Ring” In Oslo

We should recognize the goodness. But also some troubling aspects

Still Ever The Antisemitic KOK

His antisemitism is as noticeable and ugly as those tattoos of his

Bugs Bunny, Jew?

According to a British cinematic historian, the answer is "Yes."

Latest Israel Haters Feud: Silverstein vs Abumination

More popcorn please

Little Awful Fanboy

The Doucheblogger's number 1 fan seems to have an identity crisis

Exit Stage Left for Bad Rubbish

It looks like hell is about to gain a new resident. Or rather an old one returning home. Miriam Farhat, the Palestinian mother who became famous...


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