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Senior PA Official Doesn’t Get BDS, Apartheid or Genocide Memos

Here's a feel good story to start the day here

One Picture Destroys Apartheid Israel Lie

Here’s the clue: you have to look with a hatter’s eye.

Israel Haters Fall For Hoax “Dead Sea Apartheid” Petition

Their stupidity and ignorance would actually be hilarious, were it not for the fact they support those who very much want us dead

UN Official Resigns Over “Apartheid” Israel Report

But it is her words while resigning that are particularly interesting

Today’s Huge Genocide And Apartheid Fail

Brought to you courtesy of Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.

“Apartheid” State Of Israel Chooses Arab-Language Film As Its Oscars Submission

Not a surprise to those of us who live here or actually know what a free society Israel is, for all her citizens

Stop The Press! Reuters And New York Times Show “Apartheid Israel” Allegation Is A...

Because there are certain things even they can't deny

Israeli Arab: “I Love Our ‘Apartheid’ In Israel”

Israeli Arab Nabil Haalki recounts something that happened to him the other day

WATCH: South African Member of Parliament On Israeli “Apartheid”

South African Member of Parliament Kenneth Meshoe speaks out about Israeli "apartheid"

Photo Of The Day: Tyred Of Apartheid Allegations Edition

The real Israel - not the one the mainstream media and haters try to present

Oman Admits It Is A Racist Apartheid State

Any nation that can’t guarantee entry to Israelis and full rights for our flag and anthem shouldn’t be considered for hosting international sporting events.


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