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WATCH: Unhinged Israel Haters And Jew Haters Gone Wild

Violence, hatred and antisemitism on display

Foreign Policy Joins The Unhinged Conspiracy Theory Bandwagon

Shadowy AIPAC obfuscates when it discloses, wins when it loses

Watch: Humiliation By Standing Ovation

Susan Rice is mocked with rapturous applause.

Pummeling The Truth

Dana Milbank asserts that with Bibi's speech, Israel is meddling in U.S. domestic affairs.

Netanyahu Spoke To AIPAC (Updated)

Here’s what Netanyahu had to say to AIPAC on the eve of his controversial speech to Congress.

BDS Bullies Beat Up On Baral

CAIR cares. Why don't we?

“How Could Anyone Fall For The BS In BDS?” – Netanyahu

The critical thing is that BDS is morally wrong. It turns morality on its head. #BDS BDSFail

Crying Wilf Or The Final Straw For England?

Jack Straw drop the anti-Zionist charade and go medieval (antisemitism) on Jews

Bob’s Not Our Uncle..But I Wish He Was

At the recent AIPAC conference, Bob Menendez, US Senator from New Jersey, showed us Jews how to defend Israel

Lee Whitnum: Class All The Way

Meet Lee Whitnum, Democrat candidate for Joe Lieberman's Senate seat

Netanyahu And The Nuclear Duck

If you heard Binyamin Netanyahu's speech at AIPAC, you may have known something like this was coming

Benjamin Netanyahu Is Churchill Again

I've written a few times about Netanyahu alluding to the words of Churchill in his speeches.

Kathy Ireland At AIPAC

From nuclear ducks to former-swimsuit models-turned-Israel advocates


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