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Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda Starring ‘Photogenic’ Shirtless Rioter

Remember A’ed Abu Amro aka Triple A, the palestinian rioter who George Takei crushed on, and who claimed we injured him because he is photogenic? Al Jizz apparently agree he is photogenic, so they did a short propaganda video on him.

Propaganda Fail of the Day: An Israeli in a Palestinian’s Cab

Another own goal for Al Jizz

Al Jizz Editor Looks for Some Invented Antisemitism, Ignores The Real Examples Closer to...

If Ms Safdar wants to find some good old fashioned antisemitism, I don't think she needs to look as far as the Daily Mail.

Al Jazeera’s Way of Commemorating Kristallnacht

AJ+, the "woke" branch of Al Jazeera, posted this video yesterday

The Latest Case of Palestinian “Choose Your Own Adventure” Storytelling

The case of Muhammad Zain al-Jaabari involves multiple palestinian versions. As usual.

MUST WATCH: Gaza’s Thriving Economy

It actually makes me almost want to visit. Alas, the bloodthirsty terrorists and Hitler store kind of put me off.

Al Jizz Op-Ed Writer Attempts To Compare Shirley Temper With Malala

Thank you Shenila for providing the opportunity to point out the stark difference

As Israel Applauds Egyptian Scholar’s Message of Peace, Arab Media Tries to Incite Violence

This irresponsible and lethal reporting can only serve to make things worse

WATCH: Al Jazeera Pushing Ridiculous Lies About Jerusalem

Al Jizz can never be accused of being objective - or credible

WATCH: What Happened The Last Time Mordechai Kedar Was On Al Jazeera Arabic

Dr Kedar is one of the best thinkers and speakers on Israel and the Arabs.

Arab Media’s Latest Attempt To Demonize Israel Backfires

Where what they try to stress is NOT the real takeaway of this story

Al Jazeera Readers Rejoice Over Hurricane Irma

This is the level to which so many Muslims hate us

Al Jazeera Promotes Transparent Lies of Shirley Temper & Family

I have to ask again: when are we going to kick out Al Jazeera?

Al Jazeera Disables Comments After Getting Taste of Their Own Medicine

But don't worry. We still have a way to let them know how awful they are.
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