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You Know You May Be Too Antisemitic Even for the UK Labour Party When…

Labour seems to not want anything to do with antisemite Asa WInstanley of the Electronic Intifada

Cartoonist Carlos Latuff is Being Sketchy When He Denies Being an Antisemite

Following terrible twosome Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib both sharing a cartoon by antisemitic cartoonist Carlos Latuff, the latter has invoked the tried-and-tested "I am being silenced with unfounded allegations of antisemitism" defense.

Belgian Waffle: Jew-Hating “Journalist” Dimitri Verhulst Shows His Ugliness

Belgian "journalist" Dimitri Verhulst must be a Russian bot, created to show how anti-Zionists are invariably antisemites. How else do you explain this?

Confusing Antisemites of the Day

An Orthodox Jewish Instagram user posted the following disturbing video of Jew haters verbally assaulting him while driving in upstate New York

Scottish Labour Deals With Antisemitic Councillor…By Giving Him Key Role

UK Labour Party: We have handled our antisemitism problem atrociously. Scottish subdivision: Hold our scotch.

Labour MP Dr Rosena Allin-Khan Blasts So-Called “Pro-Palestinians” For Antisemitism

Dr Rosen Allin-Khan, the Labor MP for Tooting, has recounted her experience trying to help palestinians get permits for hospital treatment within Israel.

WATCH: Peak Corbyn Response to Question on Antisemitism of the Left

In a recent interview with Sky News, UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was questioned extensively about antisemitism within the party. His response to a question regarding whether some on the Left "have a blind spot on antisemitism" is peak Corbyn.

WATCH: Rashida Tlaib Point Blank Refuses to Affirm Jewish People’s Right to a State...

Rashida Tlaib is an antisemite, and she has proven it once again

WATCH: Dr Einat Wilf on How Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism

I suspect there is a fair bit me and Dr Einat Wilf, intellectual and former Israeli politician, will disagree about. But her explanation of how anti-Zionism is antisemitism is quite brilliant.

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Marty Mullen (British Columbia) Wants to Murder Jews

Meet the antisemite threatening to murder Jews

WATCH: Exposé of American Muslims for Palestine: Antisemitism and Terror Support

This video adds to things you may already have known about AMP from Israellycool, including how they are now partnering with US Jewish groups like Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow

Ohio Medical Board Notifies Antisemitic Doctor Lara Kollab They Intend to Discipline Her

Remember Dr Lara Kollab, of "I'll purposely give all the yahoo the wrong meds" fame? The State Medical Board of Ohio has spoken - and she's not going to like what they said

Jeremy Corbyn, Troll Extraordinaire

Jeremy Corbyn really has no shame


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