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Boycotting The Boycotters: Harry Reed (The Shamrock Irish Pub, Ingolstadt)

The BDS-holes' tactic is to encourage the boycott of Israeli businesses. I'm encouraging you all to fight back by boycotting the business of antisemites supporting the destruction of Israel
egypt protest


It is good to see Israel's acceding to the Egyptian government request to move troops in to the Sinai, and general words of support, have been met in kind.
mel gibson

Mel Gibson Is Not Antisemitic

He just wanted to commit suicide, "death by cop" style.
ken o'keefe

The Hatred of KOK

Kenneth O’Keefe ("KOK"), the terror supporter who was aboard the Mavi Marmara, paints himself as a champion of the palestinians. But like many other such "pro palestinians", his true colors have eventually come out.
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Silverstein’s Bedfellows

Besides operating his blog Tikun Olam, Anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein also runs the Israel Palestine Forum, whose byline is "Talking Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians." Here is something that was posted on the forum as part of these "peace" discussions.

More Ugliness From Helen Thomas

Last month, Helen Thomas was interviewed about her initial, infamous comments about Jews, which led to her resignation. This interview seems to have remained relatively unnoticed.

Animated Movie Time: The Jerk

Introducing my first animated movie.

Antisemitic Loon of the Day

..is this nutjob, who I can only hope is not really a man of cloth.


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