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Kay Wilson’s Story Makes Headlines At Huge Personal Cost

Israel is swamped with foreign journalists who all, with monotonous group think, avoid stories which don’t fit their ideological biases.

The Tall Tale Of The Teacher’s Tame Terrorist

In which Brian goes on a bit of a rant about just how bad modern journalism is.

Shocking Revelations About AP’s Collaboration With Nazi Regime

What do they reveal about AP's collaboration with Hamas?

AP Whitewashes, Obama Approves As Europe Returns To 1930’s

Jews are targeted, the media covers it up, and the Obama administration enables it

Live In Peace With Your Pope

It was probably ONLY because of the blogosphere and one sharp eyed observer who tipped a few of us of, that the misquoting of the Pope was corrected.

Joe’s World: Angel of Pizza

Another cheesy headline

Pope: “I Am Converting To Islam” – Associated Press

You see that headline come across your news desk from a wire service: would you try to fact check it with the Vatican?

AP’s Slanted Reporting Is Not Unintentional

"the AP has disregarded its own standards too blatantly for it to be considered a fluke."

Reader Post: AP Exclusive On Israeli House Strikes Full Of Holes

Reader Arthur responds to a one-sided AP piece

Guest Post (Richard Behar): Israel-Hostile Associated Press Attacks Again

The latest piece of Associated Press lethal journalism is too bad to believe.
settlement freeze

AP: Making Israeli Editors Look Like Fools Again

If you run an AP news story on Israel without correcting it, you’re going to look stupid.

Israeli Security Services Abort Prayed For Palestinian Baby Boom #HowAPWouldReport

#HowAPWouldReport Except AP didn’t even report a pregnant suicide bomb attempt.

Guest Post (Mark Lavie): The State Of “Journalism” In Gaza

"From my experience, there’s something more sinister going on here. When looking for a Palestinian reporter to cover Gaza, there’s not a lot of choice."


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