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Guest Post (Richard Behar): The AP And New York Times Gaza Staff Swap

The New York Times’ top reporter in Gaza – Fares Akram – has gone to work for AP

The Philip Morris Handbook For Amoral Corporate Damage Control

Hey AP: don't categorically deny something that's pretty easy to confirm.

Contrary To Claims Of NYT Bureau Chief, AP Director Is Latest To Confirm Hamas...

Fallout from Friedman's explosive piece in The Atlantic

The Secret Is What Is Left Out

The Associated Press in Jerusalem. What is left out? Who don’t they speak to? What reports will they never cover?

Jerusalem Terrorist Attack: 3-Month-Old Child Murdered

A terrorist rammed his car into a crowd of people, murdering a 3-month-old American girl, and wounding 8 other people

Little Baby Murdered And The Associated Press Goes Full Evil

This is lethal journalism of the absolutely worst kind.

After Shocks In The AP Story

If you want something to change, you have to understand the economics: you are the product being sold to advertisers.

Claiming A Jewish Conspiracy Controls US Politics Might Not Be Best Way To Prove...

Steven Gutkin's follow-up serves primarily as an illustration, rather than a rebuttal, of the way the AP's Jerusalem Bureau is tainted by an agenda that prevents accurate reporting

Taking The Fight To The Associated Press

Good journalists and news rooms need to wake up and realise how bad the AP brand is on Israel and how much it taints their otherwise good work.

With Great Power Comes Potential For Abuse

There is a concentration of power in the newswire services. And they abuse it.

AP-ing The Hamas Narrative

The realization that Hamas fired rockets from civilian areas does not stop AP from doing all it can to adopt the Hamas narrative

It’s All About The AP, Stupid

Why any reputable organ like The Times of Israel allows itself to be used as a tool by those who hate Jewish Israel is still beyond me.

Response to Friedman’s Tablet Expose Is Only Further Evidence Of Bias

Equally angering all sides is simply not a measure of accuracy in reporting

A Media Earthquake Started

Lethal journalism against Israel is starting to be exposed, noticed and talked about. Good.


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