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New Levels Of Cruelty Reached By Arabs In Jerusalem

The Arab guide to rock throwing: 1) gather stones. 1.1) if no rocks available, live puppies will suffice

Hey Britain Bet You Wish You Were Nicer To The Jews Now!

Neville Chamberlain: “If we must offend one side let us offend the Jews rather than the Arabs.”

Upworthy Lies

Upworthy tells a whopper of a lie in its dramatization of a car accident to show Israeli restrictions on Arab freedom of movement and access to medical care

Israeli Arabs Prefer To Remain In Israel

So much for that alleged "Apartheid"

Truly Unique. UNIQUE?????

The prisoner release is hard to stomach and a description of Israel as "truly unique" for being the only country to release convicted terrorists didn't help matters much at all.

Darwin Award Candidate Of The Month

A stone throwing Arab in Samaria lies dead after a 'Settler' fires his gun. But all is not what it seems.

A Whole Lot Of “Apartheid” Going On

We refer to all perfectly normal, common and daily interactions between Jews and Arabs as "apartheid"

Boldly Going Where (hardly any) Electric Vehicles Have Gone Before

Hello, my name is Daud and I'd like to buy a car like that

A Comedian Misses The Punchline

Dean Obeidallah of CNN is not impressed with The Dictator - for stereotyping Arabs.

Peace is Not The Arab Goal

"There is no escaping the fact that the day will come when we will free the Golan, through peace or through war," Syrian President...

Arabs Inspired By The Artist Formerly Known as Prince

Yep. They want to party like it's 1929. Following are excerpts from speeches by Arab Islamic leaders expressing solidarity with Gaza, which aired on Al-Manar...

Nah, They’re Not Anti-Semitic

We know that Muslims respect Judaism as a religion and only hate Zionism, right? From The MEMRi Blog, quoting Akhbar Al-Arab, November 18, 2008: But I'm...

Bahrain Freaks Over Gulf Air Website Mentioning Israel

The Arab world's irrational hate often rises to absurd levels. MPs are threatening to take action unless Israel's name is removed from Gulf Air's website...

Lebanon to Sue Israel for Selling Falafel, Hummus and Tabouleh

A few years ago, Greece won a motion in the EU's highest court saying that only Greek feta cheese may be called "feta" in...
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