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From The Department Of Unflattering Photos

I wonder if this foreign press photographer gets a bonus for taking a photo of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu so unflattering, it makes him look like former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon?

Whatever Happened To Ariel Sharon?

According to his son Gilad, he's still alive, responsive, and gaining weight
Nasrallah Ahmadinejad

The Day In Israel: Mon Oct 18th, 2010

Hamas yesterday accused Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of misleading Israelis.

The Day In Israel: Thursday May 20th, 2010

Israel reportedly rejected a proposal that would have involved Qatar carrying out rehabilitation work in Gaza in exchange for renewing diplomatic relations with Israel due to Egyptian unhappiness with Israel not looking like the bad guy.

The Day In Israel: Monday Jan 11th, 2010

Following a number of days in which palestinian terrorists fired close to 20 rockets and mortar shells at Israel (prompting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu...

“Nasrallah Is Like Ariel Sharon”

During the Arab League conference discussing the latest turmoil in Lebanon, the Saudi Foreign Minister could not resist dragging Israel into the discussion. "(Hizbullah leader...

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