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After Shocks In The AP Story

If you want something to change, you have to understand the economics: you are the product being sold to advertisers.

Claiming A Jewish Conspiracy Controls US Politics Might Not Be Best Way To Prove...

Steven Gutkin's follow-up serves primarily as an illustration, rather than a rebuttal, of the way the AP's Jerusalem Bureau is tainted by an agenda that prevents accurate reporting

AP-ing The Hamas Narrative

The realization that Hamas fired rockets from civilian areas does not stop AP from doing all it can to adopt the Hamas narrative

It’s All About The AP, Stupid

Why any reputable organ like The Times of Israel allows itself to be used as a tool by those who hate Jewish Israel is still beyond me.

Response to Friedman’s Tablet Expose Is Only Further Evidence Of Bias

Equally angering all sides is simply not a measure of accuracy in reporting

Former AP Correspondent Dishes On Middle East Media Coverage

If you read one thing today, make it is this article by former AP correspondent Matti Friedman. Then read it another time.
Egypt rally

Biased Caption of the Day

The Associated Press does it again.

The Day In Israel: Fri Nov 20th, 2009

PA President Mahmoud Abbas has accused Israel of conducting secret negotiations with Hamas, which revolve around a palestinian state with temporary borders. Meanwhile, a terrorist-swap...

Photo of the Day: Biggest Obstacle to Peace Edition

Introducing our latest weapon: Better services and reasonable rents. This July 30, 2009 photo shows Israelis sitting in a coffee shop as Arab women walk...


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