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WATCH: Melbourne Al Quds Rally Participant: “Hamas Should Be Here”

Nothing surprising here - all these Al Quds marches reveal the end goal.

WATCH: BDS Described as “Antisemitic” & BDS-Hole Jeered on Australian TV

Some heartening scenes on ABC Australia's Q&A show last night

Australian Labor Candidate Wayne Kurnoth Peddles in Jewish Shape-Shifting Lizard Conspiracy Theories

UK Labour Party: We have crazy antisemites in our party. Australian Labor Party: Hold our beer.

Efforts Underway to Have PA Declared A Terrorist Organization Under Australian Criminal Law

The Australian Jewish Association has sought advice from one of Australia’s most experienced senior criminal barristers with extensive experience  in prosecuting terrorism cases, that the PA is a ‘terrorist organisation’ as defined under Australian criminal law.

Roger Waters Attacks Australians As “Racist” & “White Supremacist”

Fresh from defending brutal dictator Nicolás Maduro Moros, Roger Waters has now gone on to attack Australia.

Jew Hater David Icke Banned From Entering Australia

Jew hater David Icke has been banned from entering Australia, with the Home Affairs Department cancelling his visa.

WATCH: Aussie PM Scott Morrison’s Passionate Defense of Israel

Yesterday, I posted Australian PM Scott Morrison's wonderful video message marking 70 years of Australian-Israel diplomatic relations. If you thought that was good, you've seen nothing yet. 

WATCH: Aussie Prime Minister Scott Morrison: “We Will Stand by Israel Every Step of...

Australian PM Scott Morrison has released this video message marking 70 years of Australian-Israel diplomatic relations.

WATCH: Antisemitic Road Rage Caught on Film

In case you thought antisemitism was not alive and well in Australia

80 Years Later, Australia vs Palestine Soccer Match Looks Like Something Else Entirely

Australia has defeated "Palestine" 3-0 in an Asian Confederation Cup match. But unlike the 1939 Australia-Palestine match, the Palestine team now represents something else entirely.

Australia’s ABC Radio National Invents Israeli Reaction to Australian Recognition of “West Jerusalem”

Why report the news when you can just make it up, right?

WATCH: Josh Frydenberg’s Epic Response To Bob Carr’s Defense of Mahathir Mohamad

Bob Carr is "suffering from relevance deprivation syndrome"

Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg Rips Jew Hater Mahathir Mohamad

Australia's treasurer and proud Jew Josh Frydenberg has ripped Malaysian leader Mahathir "Mahitler" Mohammad for being a vile antisemite, in the wake of the latter's threats against Australia if the embassy is moved to Jerusalem
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