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UK Warning: Comic Relief And Sport Relief Are Bad For Israel

There are much better places to send your money. These charities are highly dangerous to Israel.

The BBC Destroys Arab Indigenous Claims To Israel

One devastating BBC paragraph completely destroys Arab and Palestinian claims to be indigenous in Israel.

WATCH: BBC’s Unbiased Report On Israelis Helping In The UK

No allegations of "floodwashing" or anything

WATCH: Blast From The BBC Past

Re-watching this old documentary and realising it could have been made this week.

How BBC Thinks Israeli Democracy Works

To those looking for an excuse to hate Israel, it doesn't matter what the majority says, because there's always that one guy.

Who’s Drinking Earl Grey From A Mug With This Map On It

A sign Jew hating Palestinian lobby in the UK is finding it hard to keep covering for homicidal Jihadi knife attacks in Jerusalem?

Are We Living On The Same Planet Lyse?

The BBC’s Lyse Doucet ask a completely insane question. And Bibi replies.

BBC Just Can’t Stop Hating Jew

The BBC never misses an opportunity to accuse the Jews of defending themselves maliciously.

Hey BBC, Even Al Jazeera Knows When They’re Wrong

When the BBC can’t bring itself to apologize for the same mistake Al Jazeera just said sorry for.

Terror In Jerusalem: Two Jews Murdered, Along With The Truth

A lethal attack along with lethal journalism

BBC Radio 4 Knows Whodunit: It Was The Joooos

Setting the level of Jew hatred to 10 in the UK isn’t enough, the BBC takes it to 11.

The BBC Shills For Hamas And Melanie Phillips Calls Them On It

And of course, it wouldn’t be the internet if a noted Israel hater like Ben White didn’t try to lie back.


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