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Dutch BDS-Hole Caught on Israeli Scooter

Another case of do as I say, not as I do

Another Gay Palestinian BDS Group That Can’t Set Foot in “Palestine”

Some more LGBT groups are calling to boycott Eurovision in Israel

BDS-Holes Run Ridiculous “Transnational Solidarity” Event

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK has organized a Birmingham Pride #DropHSBC event that has to be seen to be believed.

BDS Movement Reserves Right to Not Boycott Some (Really Useful) Israeli Things

It turns out, the BDS Movement itself has no plans to boycott all Israeli good and services

BDS France’s Antisemitic Faux Pas

As part of the BDS movement's campaign to influence countries to boycott this year's Eurovision song contest in Israel, BDS France have come out with this spoof Eurovision logo

BDS-Hole Admits He Can’t Give Up Israeli Tech

A BDS-hole who happens to also be a hypocrite. Go figure.

World Bank Consultant Farah Manji Seems to Be Breaching Code of Conduct By Promoting...

I am very disturbed that a consultant for the World Bank expresses such strong support for the boycott of Israeli goods

Nick Cave’s Priceless Quip About Roger Waters

Nick Cave recently held a Q&A-style speaking event in Adelaide, Australia. The subject of BDS and Roger Waters came up, given Nick's outspoken opposition to BDS. His response was priceless.
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