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WATCH: Justin Trudeau Slams BDS Again

At a talk in Canada, an audience member asked Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to retract his previous condemnation of BDS. It did not go so well for that audience member.

BDS-Hole Reveals Utter Contempt For Plight of Palestinian Arabs

The following letter appears in the National Education Union (NEU) magazine

WATCH: BDS Flash Mob Fail With Bonus Antisemitism

Terrible lyrics and terrible moves by a bunch of freaks who look like they all last showered during the Obama presidency.

Israel-Hating Dumbasses of the Day

BDS-holes, you had ONE JOB!

The Most Epic Israel-Hater Dumbassery of 2018

The most hilarious dumbass moments of 2018 from the Israel-haters and antisemites

BDS Movement Claims Victory As HSBC Reportedly Divests From Israel’s Elbit

The BDS-holes are celebrating as reports trickle in that HSBC bank has divested from Israeli weapons manufacturer Elbit

Texas School BDS Distortions: You Can’t Ignore The Source Of #FakeNews

If any story you read on Israel comes from the poison pen of Glenn Greenwald, you either have to file it in the #FakeNews bin or do some proper research to learn why he’s deceiving you again.

Royal Quartz at Paris’ Orly Airport Wipes Israel off the Map

The latest attempt to wipe Israel off the map - French style

Nick Cave’s Stunning Rebuke of “Antisemitic at Heart, Cowardly and Shameful” BDS

Nick Cave elaborates on his stance against BDS

Roger Waters & His Minions Harass UK Pink Floyd Experience into Dropping Israel Gig

It looks like the bullies - led by Jew hater Roger Waters - have won this time
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