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A Letter to Paul Joseph Watson

Reader Faith pens a letter to pundit Paul Joseph Watson

Haters Falsely Claim Liverpool FC-Nike Deal as a Victory for BDS

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign has welcomed Liverpool's decision (confirmed this week) to go with Nike as their kit supplier, claiming it is a victory for BDS

Pro-BDS Irish Politician Frances Black Disseminates Flood Libel

A few days ago, I posted about the return of the flood libel, the discredited lie the haters keep turning to every Winter there is flooding. One of the haters who has done just this is Frances Black.

Antisemites & Dumbasses at London “Antisemitism” Vigil

A few nights ago, Jews were ostracised at a vigil against antisemitism organised by pro-Corbyn groups.

WATCH: Roger Waters Denies He Is Antisemitic…Then Shows How He IS

More lies and hate from ol' Roger

BDS Fail: Israeli-Founded Burger Chain Burgerim Expanding in the US

More bad news for the BDS-Holes

New Damning Report Exposes the Dangerous Connection Between BDS Movement and Jew Hatred

A damning new report that exposes the BDS faux ”civil rights” movement for what it is

BDS Belfast Members Film Themselves Breaking the Law

BDS Belfast have gone ahead and done something really stupid

Metal Band Amorphis Delivers Heavy BDS Fail

BDS-holes have been trying to pressure Finnish heavy metal band Amorphis to cancel their upcoming concert in Israel. Let's just say it did not go so well.

More Antisemitism at McGill University: Student Councillor Asked to Resign Over Trip to Israel

Recently, McGill student councilor Jordyn Wright was asked to resign from the Students Society of McGill University for agreeing to go on a political neutral trip that exposed students to both sides, simply because it was sponsored by the Jewish student society.

Head of Artists Against Racism: Roger Waters Incites Hatred & Creates Divisiveness and Antagonism

The executive director of AAR had a few choice words about Waters

Spanish BDS-Holes Unleash a Real Blood Libel

The Twitter account of BDS in Segovia in Spain tweeted a real blood libel a number of days ago

Oh the Irony! Roger Waters Goes After Anti-Racist Org for “Cherry Picking Racism”

Antisemite Roger Waters has released a new video, criticizing a group called Artists Against Racism (AAR) for "cherry picking racism."


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