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QNN crimes poster

Israel-Haters’ Telling Boycott Campaign

Quds News Network is encouraging readers to boycott companies they claim "play key roles in the Israeli violation of Palestinians' rights."
bds financial connections

ACTION: Make ActBlue Aware Their Platform is Enabling Terror-Affiliated Group

Make ActBlue aware their platform is being used to provide financial services to PACBI, a terror-affiliated group
Richard Barnard

Palestine Action Thinks The Legal System Cares Their Co-Founder Threatened to Starve Himself

Following Palestine Action co-founder Richard Barnard's arrest for blackmail, his colleagues show they are not the sharpest tools in the shed
richard barnard

WATCH: Palestine Action’s Richard Barnard’s Post-Interrogation Video

Following his arrest on charges of blackmail, Palestine Action co-founder has now released a post-interrogation video. Besides claiming he was released because the charges had no foundation, he laments being accused of "being a racist and an antisemite."
Richard Barnard

Palestine Action’s Richard Barnard Arrested for Blackmail

A few days ago, I posted how UK Israel-haters from Palestine Action and Extinction Rebellion blocked the entrance of a factory belonging to Israel's...

Roger Waters Endorses Vandalism and Destruction of Property

Yesterday, I posted about the Israel-hating groups who full-on vandalized a factory for Israeli company Elbit. This included a so-called conservation group that -...

About Those Israel Haters Who Filmed Themselves Vandalizing Elbit Factory in UK

A group of UK Israel-haters from Palestine Action and Extinction Rebellion blocked the entrance of the Elbit Ferranti factory and vandalized it. What's more, they filmed themselves committing the crime.

Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s Lame Gloat Ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day

IPSC have gloated about how successful their BDS efforts have been. Right before International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

‘Soul Khan’ Noah Weston Gives Fellow Jews a Bad Rap

Meet Noah Weston, better known as Soul Khan. An American songwriter and rapper, Weston hates Israel while claiming to care about Jews. He claims he wants...
Karen Rodman

Antisemitic Dumbass of the Day: Karen Rodman

One of the golden rules of the BDS movement is to not make your antisemitism obvious. It would seem Canadian BDS-hole Karen Rodman was sleeping...
Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman: “I’m Fine With BDS”

Almost two years ago, comedienne Sarah Silverman did the unthinkable: she retweeted me! More specifically, she retweeted my post featuring a video of American-Israeli author...

BDS Australia Attacks Idea BDS is Antisemitic…By Posting Antisemitic Cartoon

BDS Australia wants everyone to know that the idea of BDS being antisemitic is outrageous. So they've reposted an antisemitic cartoon, by antisemitic cartoonist Latuff.

Anti-Zionists-Not-Antisemites Demonstrate in Germany, While I Demonstrate a Point

File this under "anti-Zionist-not-antisemite"
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