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WATCH: Rashida Tlaib Point Blank Refuses to Affirm Jewish People’s Right to a State...

Rashida Tlaib is an antisemite, and she has proven it once again

WATCH: Sky News Australia’s Chris Kenny on Bon Jovi Rejecting BDS to Play in...

From Sky News Australia, which has also given us the great Andrew Bolt and Rowan Dean, among others.

BDS Beef Burger Bullies Jeopardize Business of Lebanese-American Man

It should have been a nice story: a Lebanese-American man opening a franchise of an Israeli-created company. Alas, you know how this goes down

What You May Have Missed About Overwhelming US House of Representatives Vote To Condemn...

A setback for BDS-holes, with the US House of Representatives overwhelmingly passing House Resolution 246, which is "Opposing efforts to delegitimize the State of Israel and the Global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement targeting Israel."

Sprung! Ilhan Omar Can’t Seem to Boycott Israel Herself

Miss Let's-Pass-a-Law-Affirming-the-Right-of-Americans-to-Boycott-Israel has just been sprung...using Israeli website building technology.

About Ilhan Omar’s Antisemitic, Pro-BDS Resolution

Rep. Ilhan Omar has just introduced a new pro-BDS resolution in Congress, with fellow antisemite Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Rep. John Lewis.

WATCH: Paul Anka in Israel: I Told BDS to F*** Off!

Legendary American crooner Paul Anka is performing in Israel tonight. Ahead of the show, he was interviewed by Israeli television.

WATCH: Disturbed’s David Draiman on BDS, Antisemitism and His “Dear Friend” (!) Roger Waters

Once again, David Draiman shows why he is probably the most articulate music frontman out there.

Disturbed’s David Draiman Rips Roger Waters As “So Delusional…A Very Sick Man…Not Operating On...

In an interview with heavy metal and hard rock news site Blabbermouth, David has spoken out loudly in defense of the Jewish state, and ripped the BDS movement, coming up with some of the most delightful words about Roger Waters you'll ever hear.

Priceless! Face of Israel’s Anti-BDS Campaign Accidentally Resembles Roger Waters

If Avri Gilad grew his hair, he'd look like chief BDS-hole Roger Waters!

WATCH: Alleged Sexual Harassment Victim of BDS South Africa Director Muhammed Desai Speaks Out

A few months ago, I posted how Muhammed Desai, director of BDS South Africa, was accused of #metoo-ing three women in one night. One of the victims,  San Jose State University Professor Sang Hea Kil, recently spoke about her ordeal at the (allegedly wandering) hands of Desai.

Disturbed’s David Draiman Speaks About Israel, Rips Roger Waters & BDS

A must-watch, especially for David's comments on BDS and Roger Waters.

Ireland’s Eurovision Entrant Sarah McTernan Reveals Level of Abuse She Suffered at Hands of...

The Irish Sun reports on the type of abuse Sarah McTernan, Ireland's Eurovision entrant, has been subjected to at the hands of Israel haters


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