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WATCH: James Shaw, Co-leader of NZ Greens, Rips BDS Movement For Antisemitism

It is no secret that Green Parties across the world tend to hate Israel and support the BDS Movement. Try telling that to James Shaw, the co-leader of the New Zealand Greens, who recently had this to say at a recent town hall meeting for the Aro Valley Community Council

Israel-Haters Break Into Primary School To Fly Palestinian Flag

Israel-haters in Scotland have continued the fine, Israel-hating tradition of stooping as low as possible

Media Drops the Ball in Ignoring Terror Support at Scotland vs Israel Pre-Game Protest

A few nights go, Israel faced off against Scotland in a UEFA Nations League game in Glasgow. And naturally the Israel-haters tried to make it all about the palestinian Arabs

BDS-Hole Comes Out of Their Shell to Reveal Their True Feelings About Using Violence

Seems to me like this BDS supporter likes the idea of violence against Israelis, or at the very least finds it amusing

Israel-Hater Stavit Sinai Convicted of Assault in German Court

A Berlin court convicted on Monday a BDS activist for assaulting people during a presentation by an Israeli survivor of the Holocaust at the Humboldt University in the capital.

Israel-Haters Caught Inventing Fake BDS Victory Again

Last week, serial liar and antisemite Ali "Abumination" Abunimah gloated about a supposed BDS victory in his Electronic Intishmatte

Courageous Portland TV Reporter Jenny Young Slammed for Correctly Calling BDS “Antisemitic”

The Oregonian reports on Portland news reporter Jenny Young, who has been criticized for calling BDS “an anti-Semitic movement

BDS-Holes Open GoFundMe to Cover Legal Costs…With Video Contradicting Their Testimony

Three BDS-holes - Stavit Sinai, Ronnie Barkan and Majed Abusalama - are schnorring for money (€9,000) to covering "the mounting legal fees as well as the educational activities that lie ahead" in the wake of their upcoming trial on charges of trespassing and assault.

That Time a Palestinian Police Chief Showed a Visiting US Police Chief Some AHAVA...

Back in December 2016, Mansfield Police Chief Ronald Sellon was in Israel as part of a 10-day trip to Israel, provided by the ADL to participate in a counter-terrorism seminar and training - one of the kind the Israel-haters are now mentioning to try implicate us in the death of George Floyd.

Israellycool Retro Video: Delicious BDS Fails

A look at Israellycool videos of old

Israellycool Retro Video: Understanding The Middle East Conflict

A look at Israellycool videos of old
dua lipa

Boycott Pop Singer Dua Lipa?

A petition organized by Im Tirtzu was signed by almost 6,000 Israelis and sent to Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Culture Minister Hili Tropper, calling on them to instruct Army Radio to stop playing songs by the pop star.

Israeli Arab Singer Mira Awad to Roger Waters: “Don’t Sit Your Ass There and...

Israeli Arab singer and actress Mira Awad has a message for rock'n'roll BDS-hole Roger Waters.
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