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WATCH: BDS Described as “Antisemitic” & BDS-Hole Jeered on Australian TV

Some heartening scenes on ABC Australia's Q&A show last night

Losers All Round: BDS Movement Rejects Hatari’s Protest at Eurovision

Last night, Hatari, Iceland's entry at Eurovision, disgraced themselves

Heartless BDS-Holes Disgrace Themselves

When you hate the Jewish people this much, you won't allow any potentially touching moments to interfere with your unhinged obsession.

BDS Movement Caught Lying…Again

The BDS movement is desperate. After imploring artists and fans to boycott Eurovision in Israel, the result was an abject failure. Yet they continue trying to convince people they succeeded.

Haters Invent Insane Conspiracy Theory Around Eurovision Logo

The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) thinks it has uncovered an Israeli Eurovision plot.

Kate Miller-Heidke Even “More Sure” Regarding Decision to Reject Boycott of Eurovision in Israel

Australian Eurovision contestant Kate Miller-Heidke continues to impress with her fairness, explaining how being in Israel has made her even more sure about her decision to reject calls from Roger Waters and others she dubbed "Twitter extremists" to boycott us

University of Sydney Staff Members Promoting Terrorism Against Israelis

57 faculty members of the University of Sydney are promoting terrorism against Israelis, as well as the idea that Israel is not a legitimate state

Code Pink’s Priceless Admission About BDS

Another Code Pink fail

Delightful Trolling of the BDS-Holes

I am not behind this, nor do I know who is. But they deserve a big pat on the back.

WATCH: That Moment a Hater Confuses BDS With ‘BDSM’

I have long jokingly referred to the BDS Movement as BDSM. And I am not alone. But what we saw yesterday was funny, in a meta kind of way

WATCH: Unintentionally Hilarious Interview with Roger Waters

The usual anti-Israel bovine excrement from Waters, but with some unintentionally hilarious parts

How to Boycott Israel for Dummies

Do you want to learn how to boycott Israel and end the Apartheid state that is complicit in the oppression of indigenous people of color everywhere? This guide will get you started.

Terror-Linked BDS-Holes Caught Using Bots To Promote Eurovision Boycott Campaign

Israel haters have been caught red-handed using bots to promote the boycott of Eurovision, “to create an impression of significant public support aimed at pressuring European broadcasting corporations and artists participating in the competition to succumb to the boycott.”


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