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Moby Mentality

From the makers of Johnny Not-So Rotten comes the latest in celebrity common sense and decency. Moby Not-Such-a-Dick.

Aussie Dave’s Random Thoughts On BDS

Food for thought

BDS Fail Of The Day

Just the usual assortment of oddballs, some of whom could benefit from gender reassignment surgery or a support bra, but all of whom could benefit from plastic surgery, singing lessons, and a history lesson.

BDS Fail of the Day

BDS protesters at the Max Brenner coffee and chocolate shop in Melbourne put their rhyming "skills" to a different use.

Surprising And Disgusting

BDS: "not only surprising, but disgusting and I think the Dutch government should cut funding to organizations promoting this agenda."

West Dunbartonshire Councillors Cry Foul

The West Dunbartonshire Council is claiming it has received death threats from Israel supporters.

BDS Fail of the Day

Meet the latest bunch of morons to hit the BDS scene.
efrat gosh

Gosh, What a Great Response

Israel has gone on the offensive against the Marrickville Council's BDS-holes in a quite marvellous way

Austen Tayshus vs The Moonbats

In this week's episode of Australian ABC's Q&A program, the debate turned to Israel, the BDS movement, and the Gaza flotilla, with comedian Austen Tayshus doing an admirable job against Greens nutcase Lee Rhiannon and "journalist" Paul McGeough.

West Dunbartonshire Councillor’s Correspondence With “Hamas Supporter”?

I have been sent correspondence purported to be between West Dunbartonshire Councillor Jim Bollan and someone pretending to be a Hamas supporter

Another Winner From the West Dunbartonshire Council

They're the gits who keep on giving

Follow-Up On Whisky Counter Boycott

I've been informed there's progress with the great Whisky Counter Boycott, designed to hit the ignoramuses of West Dunbartonshire Council where it hurts.


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