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BDS Fail of the Day

The usual idiocy we have come to expect, this time from some Israel-based morons.
ahava poster

Aussie Dave’s Poster Time #7

Inspired by yesterday's BDS fail
code pink BDS

BDS Fail of the Day

We already knew that the sight of these women in bath robes is traumatic. What we now know is that they are all tone deaf, and incapable of memorizing song lyrics of greater than 3 lines.

BDS Protest of the Day

Just another BDS protest by ignorant people who also happen to have been struck quite severely by the ugly stick.

The Day In Israel: Mon Dec 20th, 2010

We've pissed off the Turks. Again.

Friday Flashmob Fail

Add a nursing home resident, jihadi fatty, and blue-haired freak to the mandatory awful singing and dancing, and you get today's anti-Israel flashmob from hell.

Flashmob Fail of the Day

Behold this latest abomination!

Another BDS Protest Shoots Itself In The Head

More BS from the BDSers
IDF fence

The Day In Israel: Sun Dec 12th, 2010

Say it along with me: You reap what you sow, and these two sows have met the reaper.

If You Knew Tom Paine, You Wouldn’t Stand In His Way

Brian of London tells the tale of Tom Paine and the BDSers.
BDS protest

Top Ten BDS Protest Fails

We've seen more and more of these spectacles over the past year, so I've decided to create a top ten list of the worst of the worst.
palestinian poll

The Day In Israel: Sun Nov 21st, 2010

A new poll has confirmed what many (including me) have been saying for years: the palestinians' ultimate goal is not peace and a two-state solution.
Islamic Jihad

The Day In Israel: Thurs Oct 28th, 2010

Nigeria has intercepted weapons from Iran, possibly destined for Gaza.


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