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Drew Brown of OneRepublic Really Loves Israel

Where OneRepublic reveals that BDS didn't even try with them.

The Hate Israel BDS Crowd Still Can’t Find An Alternative To Israeli Wix

Another #BDSFail when the other side makes a lame attempt at hacking us with our own tech.

Stanford’s Moral Vacuum On Israel

Stanford's Board of Trustees sticks it’s head in the sand and shows a complete lack of moral backbone.

Robbie Williams Is Genuinely Really Excited To Come To Israel

“The people, the place, the history …. an unspoken energy coming from the place that I can feel and I want to go to”

Ali Abunimah #Fail At University of Michigan

Michigan students saw through Abunimah's hatred and lies

Alan Parsons Busts Out The Israeli Crew In Tel Aviv

Jono brings a report from the Alan Parsons Project concert in Tel Aviv

JTA Avoids Mentioning Israellycool In Alan Parsons Story

With only 140 characters in a tweet, you’d think news wires could correctly manage to quote them.

More BDSFail: Israeli Wine Exports Through The Roof

Contrary to the efforts of Jew hating BDSHoles to stop people buying Israeli products, exports of Israeli wine surge. #BDSFail

A Week Of Musical BDS Fails

Entertainers are coming to Israel. And it's no accident. It's DAVKA.

Photo Of The Day: Tel Aviv Bus Apartheid Edition

There I was, no trees close by....

Passenger In Tel Aviv Tried To Let Her Go…But He Didn’t Go

Well I mean would you let her go?
image Israel apartheid, photo Palestinian abuse, picture Arab girl

Photo of the Day: Israeli Bus Apartheid

Which do you think is more of an Israeli apartheid photo?
image Kurd women, picture Shevet Achim, photo two Arab women

Israel Celebrates 66: Fantasy vs. Truth

As we celebrate 66 years of building and prospering, reality often seems like a fantasy.

More Israeli Ingenuity Spreading Love

You won't believe what a brilliant invention another Israeli has come up with now!


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