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BDSFail: A Picture Worth A Thousand Words Edition

Just look at the image. No other comment required.

Israel Is Going To The FIFA World Cup Finals In Brazil!

Israeli company Elbit Systems has sold some more unmanned ariel vehicles (UAVs or drones) to the Brazilian Air Force #BDSFail

Rolling Stones/Neil Young BDSFail Poster

An Israellycool poster celebrating the colossal BDS Fail at the hands of the gods of rock

BDS – An Argument In Favor

Cultural BDS may be the answer to my financial troubles.

And The BDSFail Goes On

We must avoid falling into a trap of believing anti-Israel BDS is more successful than it is!
image Jerusalem Cinema City, photo Israeli apartheid, picture Israel Palestinian

Photo of the Day: John Travolta in Jerusalem

John Travolta seen in Jerusalem Cinema City today

Tel Aviv To Go Gaga Over BDSFail In 2014

BDSHoles can stick this in their Pokerfaces

Cinematic Strings: “BDS Movement Extreme And Counterproductive”

"after further research, we have withdrawn our support of the BDS. ... we now consider the aims of the BDS movement to be extreme and counterproductive."

Cinematic Strings Back Down On BDS Against Israeli

Cinematic Strings: "we can see now that this action itself may be construed as discriminatory”. #BDSFail

BDS Against Israel Will Fail #BDSFail #BDS

We shouldn’t be overly scared of the Boycott Sanctions and Divestment Movement #BDS #BDSFail

When Did Oxfam Stop Supporting BDS?

If words are not enough, what “concrete measures” is Oxfam calling for from the EU?

Watching BDS Fail Has Never Been So Sexy

SodaStream would like to extend a warm thank you to BDS for the free publicity.

Does Israel Need Peace?

A few facts for those who think that "peace" is necessary for a strong economy.

Wild Horses Not Needed: Neil Young Coming To Israel

Turning BDS horse sh*t into gold: Neil Young and Crazy Horse bring Alchemy to Israel in July.
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