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Hey Pixies: We Won’t Get Fooled Again

Potential Mega BDS Fail on the horizon.

Thank You For Your Courage France! BDS, Just Say Non!

"Our wins are all on substantive grounds that say the BDS movement engages in unlawful racial discrimination.” - BDS Legal Expert
Turkey selling at Jerusalem fair

BDS Fail of the Day

International Arts and Crafts fair Jerusalem newest BDSFail

The Safe Listening List – BDS Busters

A list of musical artists who don't buy into the BDS BS

BDS Fail – Tom Jones Edition

Still a Sex Bomb at 73, Sir Tom Jones on his way to perform in Tel Aviv in October

If The Fatah Won’t Boycott Israel, Who Will?

More #BDSFail to be laughing at

Daily Double: Photo of the Day and BDS Fail of the Day

When The President looks like a hobbit - That's Amare!

Mr. De Niro in Israel

Robert De Niro has cleared up any misunderstanding about his position on Israel

BDS Fail in Syria

There are no BDSHoles in a foxhole

Formula 1 Jerusalem Peace Road Show More Information

The following is copy pasted from a press release sent out by the organisers.

Formula 1 In Jerusalem Thursday And Friday Details

Jerusalem road closures for Formula 1 event on Thursday and Friday.

BDS This!

Looks like BDSHoles now have more wonderful Israeli medical breakthroughs to boycott

A Massive Legal Win In France Against BDS

French court tells us what we already knew.

Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out Frank

#BDSFail Frank Barat had an unpleasant stay in Israel


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