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Biden & Bernie: Bizarre Brothers

Biden takes aim at Bernie over "bizarre" approach

Bernie Sanders Lame Response to Attempted Murder of Israelis Still Draws Hate From Many...

Bernie Sanders' response was anything but pro-Israel, yet many of his supporters hated it

Bernie Sanders’ Dreadful Campaign Video With Rashida Tlaib

US Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders continues his love affair with the "squad", this time posting a video of him visiting Rashida Tlaib's district with the vile congresswoman.

Bernie Sanders & Ilhan Omar to Hold Rally I Believe Will Pander to Antisemites...

It has been announced that Bernie Sanders and Ilhan Omar are staging a rally stop at the University of Minnesota on November 3rd.

Antisemite Amer Zahr Officially Named as Surrogate for Bernie Sanders

Just when you thought having antisemite Linda Sarsour's endorsement was bad enough, along comes another Jew-hating turd to endorse the candidacy of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Proud to Have Celebrity (Antisemite) Endorsement

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has proudly tweeted a video of Jew-hater Linda Sarsour endorsing his candidacy.

A Tale of Two Bernies

Sen. Bernie Sanders seems to take us for fools

Separated at Birth: Blinded By Bernie Edition

2019's first Separated at Birth

What Will Democrat Jews Do If Bernie Sanders Is Their Future?

“Bernie Sanders, who now stands a better chance of becoming president than any Jew in American history”

Bernie Sanders’ Disgraceful Reaction to “March of Return” Deaths

US Senator Bernie Sanders reaffirms his place well and truly on the wrong side of history
Linda Sarsour Israellycool Ayaan Hirsi Ali Daily Freier

Screenshotting My Old Tweets is Racist, by Linda Sarsour

A "guest post" by Linda Sarsour

WATCH: Bernie Sanders Slams The UN, Opposes BDS & One-State Solution

It is as if millions of Israel hating voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

Lethal Journalism Made Simone Zimmerman

Telling our Jewish Indigenous story is the antidote to poisonous lethal journalism.

What Does The Post-Obama Democratic Party Think About Israel?

Leaked DNC emails, as well as Clinton's VP pick, shed some light


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