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Statement From Bereaved Families For Peace and Justice

“I am not worried! I will not be in jail for long. I will be out shortly and will go back to killing Jews.”

Israellycool Movie Remakes Presents: Dumb and Dumber

In which we find ourselves compelled to remake a movie based on the availability of the perfect cast

Please Tell Us Why Bibi

He lost a bizarre sex bet with Tzipi Livni.

Photo of the Day

Tough guy Bibi as you've never seen him before

With A Cherry On The Top

This is a red line you do not want to cross.

So What Did Jews Do After That Cartoon?

Burn stuff? Kill people? Threaten vengeance?

Don’t Tax Our Beer

Taxing the engines of the economy to pay for the moochers and looters.

Bibi Stabs Abbas To Death

..and then carves his body into small pieces

Benjamin Churchill’s Islamic Crocodile

Militant Islam is our generation's Nazi crocodile.
binyamin netanyahu


It's probably unwise to go on TV and gloat.

Separated At Birth: Happy Campers Edition

Clearly, Israeli MPs Ehud Barak and Binyamin 'Bibi' Netanyahu look nothing alike. Most of the time.


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